Vinyl tiles are designed to look like wood tiles and to be durable and withstand heavy foot traffic in residential and light commercial settings. Vinyl flooring is waterproof and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens as well. There are lots of benefits of using this modern flooring material. As –

Affordability –

Vinyl is probably the cheapest material for flooring after concrete. A majority of vinyl tiles imitate the look of wood flooring. So, when you install these tiles expecting the look and feel of wooden flooring, you save a few thousand bucks.

The tiles, their installation, and care – everything is cheaper than other flooring materials.

Beauty –

There is no match for the elegance that these tiles create. These tiles, when installed correctly and with the right fit, create visual delight in your room. They are available in a variety of wood prints, textures, colors, and shades – to suit your aesthetic spirit.

The comfort of Walking –

When you walk on these floors, it feels like a comfortable walk. That’s because it is a soft material – soft yet strong and durable. There is a thick soft layer on these tiles, which brings out this very feature.

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Easy to Install –

These tiles are super easy to install. Typically, it is a DIY project. Just measure the area to be tiled, cut, and fit tiles on your existing flooring.

However, if you are not sure about that, you can get your floor installed by a professional.

Durability –

In even heavy traffic areas, these tiles can stand up for 15 to 20 years. However, that all depends on the adequateness of installation and the quality of maintenance you provide your flooring with.

Also, the printing of these tiles does not wash away with use and cleaning. And even if it does, there are ways to restore the new-like shine of your vinyl tile flooring.

Here is How to Wax and Restore the Shine of LVT Flooring –
Remember, waxing should only be considered when your tiles have dull up. Please follow the pointers below –

Do the Preps –

To wax your LVT flooring, you must prepare it for this routine. This, of course, involves removing furniture and appliances from the floor and covering walls touching the floor with masking tape. This also includes deep cleaning your LVT flooring.

Prepare a mixture using hot water and liquid dish wash detergent. Add a specialized vinyl floor cleanser to the solution (in the right ratio, read the manufacturer’s instructions before using). Mix them all well in a bucket. Mop the floor with this solution.

Identify the areas that have stains and scratches. Clean them using a toothbrush and this solution.

Now, take clean hot water in another bucket, dip the mop, wring it well, and mop the floor again, removing all the dirt, debris, and residues.

Let the floor dry.

Apply Wax –

Invest in a good quality vinyl tile wax. Do check with your supplier if it suits the brand of your LVT flooring. There are two types of vinyl wax available – the ones that require you to add chemicals to it and the other ones that can be used directly.

Before you begin to apply wax, you must read the product label.

Pour the wax into a bucket. Start applying wax from the farthest corner of the room, moving towards the exit. Paint the wax with a paintbrush in straight horizontal hand motions. Do not apply multiple coats in the first go. Wait for the first coating to dry before applying the second layer of wax.

Do not take too much wax in the bucket, as it dries quickly.

Allow the floor to dry before placing the furniture and appliances back into the room. If you feel unsure about doing it yourself, have a professional like Hardwood Flooring Dallas do this job.